This was the second print I was commissioned to do for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (Also see Kelp Forest.)
          I've been a bird watching since high school when my mother introduced me to it. She was a talented artist and we often took off on painting and bird watching excursions--even on school days! We'd have our painting kits plus our binoculars, bird books and our picnic lunch.
          So the lifetime legacy I have is that any trip, walk or commute is a bird watching opportunity as far as I'm concerned. I used to commute from Oakland to Palo Alto, California for a few years and my favorite part was driving across the Dumbarton Bridge in the south bay. I'm not sure what birds are still there now, but I used to regularly see in the shallow waters black necked stilts, the occasional oystercatcher (if memory serves), phalaropes and....American avocets!!
          At the aquarium, there is a Monterey shore bird exhibit. As with the Kelp Forest print, I was able to spend hours there before the aquarium was open each day to study my subjects.


MEDIUM   6 Solid-Color Lithograph


IMAGE SIZE   19" x 19.5"

PAPER SIZE   24" x 26"